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FostrSpace is a platform designed with California foster youth to take the stigma out of accessing mental health care and resources for young people who have been in foster care. The FostrSpace mobile web app allows young people to access digital psycho-educational materials, a personal care navigator, peer support, and licensed clinicians who can provide direct mental health services through telehealth.


FostrSpace Features:

  • Goal Tracking
  • Mood check-ins
  • A curated resource directory for California counties
  • Access to the FostrSpace Care Crew


FostrSpace users complete a needs questionnaire to create an individualized plan with support recommendations and resources. Users are partnered with a navigator who helps take the stress out of finding and accessing resources. Whether as a goal-collaborator or accountabili-buddy, the navigator helps users every step of the way so folks don’t have to navigate life alone.

Users who request emotional wellbeing services have the option to easily connect in-app to FostrSpace’s team of experienced mental health professionals. Clinicians work with users to create a tailored care plan and session schedule based on individual needs and experiences. Sessions with the clinicians allow users to explore what makes them feel good and discuss strategies for taking care of themselves.


Our goal is that with community input, future versions of FostrSpace will allow youth to curate their space into a community of foster youth with shared identities and common ground via a forum component. FostrSpace is not a fix-all, but it is a small step towards helping foster youth take giant leaps towards their health and success.


Marina Tolou-Shams, PhD


Professor/PI (not the detective kind), committed to all things social justice, kids and families. Ascribes to philosophy of “work hard, play hard.”

Johanna Folk, PhD

Associate Director

Assistant Professor, Attending Psychologist, and Clinical Supervisor, coffee fanatic, data nerd, and support human to a rambunctious mini aussie.

Margareth Del Cid, PhD

Assistant Professor, Attending Psychologist, and Clinical Supervisor

Feelings doctor, loves talking about culture #keepingthingshumble, and an aspiring cafelier.

Alison Czopp, LCSW

Clinical Research Supervisor

Social Worker. Cat mom. Explorer of nature and the unknown

Elizabeth (Libby) McBride

Clinical Research Coordinator

Aspiring rock climber, mediocre pianist, and happiest when by the water. Energized by kids and communities and believes all weather is ice cream weather.

Tylia Lundberg

Clinical Research Coordinator

Enjoys baking, watercolors, collaging, lavender-themed drinks, collecting candles, cooking, and dabbling in film photography. 

J.C. Gonzalez

NIDA T32 Postdoctoral Fellow

Dedicated to social justice, community engagement, and addressing inequities in access to treatment. Proud cat dad of two little shadows, aspiring climber, and genuine lover of the outdoors.

FAB: FostrSpace Advisory Board

Ashley Papias

Hi my name is Ashley, and I am currently studying at UC Berkeley intending to double major in Psychology and Art Practice and minor in Chicano and Gender and Women’s Studies. A few of my skills and interests include advocating for Foster Youth, prepping for college, traveling alone, applying for a passport, film photography, collaging, screenprinting, skating, and much more.

Dylan Miars

Political Scientist and Conflict Mediator by day, Wine and Spirits Sommelier by night. Lover of all things based in empathy and altruism. Worships mini schnauzers. Dedicated to helping those who need it most, either through projects like this, or a well-placed pun. 

Jeruel (JJ) Tujeque

Aspiring filmmaker and writer stoked on life! There’s usually always a skateboard in my hand or below my feet. Committed to sharing happiness and spreading compassion everywhere. 

Tylia Lundberg

Current project coordinator and FAB member on the FostrSpace team. You can reach out to me using the FAB chat/peer navigation feature on FostrSpace for any questions you may have or if you need support with anything 🙂

Christina Samuelu

Administration Assistant, Member of  FostrSpace Advisory Board (FAB), Advocate for Foster youth. Love all things plants, tech and dance,  Aspiring Social Worker.

Alexis Cantu

Mom of 4 beautiful children 2 girls & 2 boys. I love to game on my free time Fortnite & Dead by daylight are my favs. I am very passionate about helping kids grow after a hard life. I truly believe anything is possible if you put your mind to it. 🙂 – Administration Assistant for F.A.B.

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