Marina Tolou-Shams, PhD


Professor/PI (not the detective kind), committed to all things social justice, kids and families. Ascribes to philosophy of “work hard, play hard.”

Johanna Folk, PhD

Associate Director

Assistant Professor, Attending Psychologist, and Clinical Supervisor, coffee fanatic, data nerd, and support human to a rambunctious mini aussie.

Brittany Bryant, DSW

Assistant Professor

Researcher and clinician, passionate about improving treatment options and outcomes for minoritized youth. Advocate of anti-racism, mom of 4 magical beings, and a conductor of Black Girl Magic.

Lauren Haack, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Associate Clinical Professor and Attending Psychologist; avid sports fan (go Green Bay Packers, Clemson Tigers, and Golden State Warriors!) and musical theater aficionado.

Juliet Yonek, PhD, MPH

Assistant Professional Researcher

Trail runner, globally inspired cook, cat mama.

Margareth Del Cid, PhD

Assistant Professor

Postdoc, loves talking about culture #keepingthingshumble, feelings doctor, and aspiring cafelier.

Evan Holloway, PhD

Assistant Professor

Mixed methods researcher, clinician, and streetfood enthusiast by day. Passionate about service delivery systems, oysters, and my cat's Instagram.

Jocelyn I. Meza, PhD

Assistant Professor at UCLA

Postdoc studying the intersection of ADHD and self-harm among justice-involved youth; coffee aficionado and Great Dane paw-parent!

J.C. Gonzalez

NIDA T32 Postdoctoral Fellow

Dedicated to social justice, community engagement, and addressing inequities in access to treatment. Proud cat dad of two little shadows, aspiring climber, and genuine lover of the outdoors.

Jeanne McPhee, PhD

NIMH T32 Postdoctoral Fellow

Researcher and clinician passionate about social justice, trauma and mental health treatment, legal system reform, and reality dating competition shows. Also obsessed with dogs.

Megan Ramaiya

Postdoctoral Fellow

Suicide researcher, culture and global health enthusiast, questionable home chef. Cares a lot about reducing the mental health treatment gap.

Alison Czopp, LCSW

Clinical Research Supervisor

Social Worker. Cat mom. Explorer of nature and the unknown

Megan Irgens

Clinical Fellow

Juvenile justice advocate researching intervention and optimization; amateur baker & runner; lover of food, sunsets and books with a twist.

Cynthia Valencia-Ayala

Postdoctoral Fellow

First-Gen researcher of youth serving systems and carceral experiences. Clinician, advocate, and lover of the outdoors, food, and all things spooky.

Alex Rodas

Clinical Research Supervisor, BCBA

Family man who loves to eat all types of cuisine. I am from Colombia and a coffee enthusiast. Huge sports fan: Favorite Teams are Oakland Athletics, San Francisco Forty Niners and Golden State Warriors!

Isis Alvarez

Case Manager

Savory over sweet, water is life, coffee is always black, and always exploring life with a dog. Learning to share, sharing to learn.

Jenna Sanfilippo

Clinical Research Coordinator

Passionate about improving of the quality and accessibility of mental health care. Hiker, rock climber, soccer player and beginner Yogi. Easily overwhelmed by big cities yet always aspires to live in them.

Ifunanya (Ify) Ezimora

Clinical Research Coordinator

Inspired and motivated by kids, cats, and creating change. Unironic treehugger and eternal yearbook nerd. Jollof enthusiast.

Jannet Lara

Clinical Research Coordinator

Passionate about making a difference and improving the quality of life for youth and families. Barista in-training, who appreciates a good cup of coffee, nature, and music.

Salam Ayana

Clinical Research Coordinator

Passionate about policing alternatives. A chef or food critic in a past life and can always be found at a concert or out on the dance floor!

Jarschire Dennis

Clinical Research Coordinator

Jarschire aspires to one day obtain his Doctorate in clinical/counseling psychology to better help underserved and system-impacted youth to learn healthy healing and coping mechanisms to help combat the trauma caused by the many adverse experiences these youth are prone to experiencing.

Elizabeth (Libby) McBride

Clinical Research Coordinator

Aspiring rock climber, mediocre pianist, and happiest when by the water. Energized by kids and communities and believes all weather is ice cream weather.

Jose Vazquez

Social Work Associate

Casual Aquarius, home cook enthusiast, immigrant rights activist, and most likely to memorize random rap lyrics.

Jeruel (JJ) Tujeque

Project Policy Analyst

Aspiring filmmaker and writer stoked on life! There’s usually always a skateboard in my hand or below my feet. Committed to sharing happiness and spreading compassion everywhere. 

Dylan Miars

Project Policy Analyst

Political Scientist and Conflict Mediator by day, Wine and Spirits Sommelier by night. Lover of all things based in empathy and altruism. Worships mini schnauzers.

Tylia Lundberg

Clinical Research Coordinator

Enjoys baking, watercolors, collaging, lavender-themed drinks, collecting candles, cooking, and dabbling in film photography. 

Yaneth Hurtado

Project Policy Analyst

Passionate about helping and motivating the community. Mother of an 18-year-old son and a four-legged, furry son Mambo (our lovely Husky). Case Manager and services provider.


Lili Ramos

Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student at John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Sarah Velez

Medical Student at Northeast Ohio Medical University

Catalina Ordorica

Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student at University of Illinois Chicago

Cristina Teran

Adelaide Bell

Undergraduate Student at Washington and Lee University

Heman Gill

Christopher Rodriguez

Lakshmi Gopalakrishnan

Jamie Salas, LMFT

Clinical Social Worker

Brandi Ginn

Clinical Research Coordinator

Priyanka Kulkarni

Clinical Research Coordinator