Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes (Project ECHO®)

The UCSF Juvenile Justice Behavioral Health (JJBH) team is offering a tele-mentoring program for community behavioral health providers serving system-involved youth in San Francisco County, called JJBH ECHO. JJBH ECHO is an extension of Project ECHO® (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes), a “hub and spokes” model wherein a team of specialists (the hub) facilitates learning and shares expertise with community providers (the spokes) over a videoconferencing platform.


For JJBH ECHO, a team of UCSF specialists in child and adolescent psychology, social work, and forensics (the hub team) will provide online training and case-based mentoring to community behavioral health providers on delivering best-practice mental health and/or substance use services to systems-involved youth and families (including via telehealth).



If you would like to download a copy of our project flyer and curriculum overview, please click the following link: ECHO Flyers


Questions? Interested in registering for the next 12-week series? Please email juliet.yonek@ucsf.edu.